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Safety Photos of hazards in the workplace 

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Images from Gavorchio

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Fire Risk Assessment

Inspection 1 Inspection 2 Inspection 3 Inspection 4
Inspection 5 Inspection 6 Inspection 7 Inspection 8
Inspection 9 Inspection 10 Inspection 11 Inspection 12
Inspection 13 Inspection 14 Inspection 15  

Images from Knut Skaar

Working at height Wheeled excavator ride - Construction site Bangkok Building site
Tracked excavators Transport Fire engine Hoist


                                                             Fire Safety

    Bed shop Fire equipment
Gas appliance Housekeeping Wedding No smoking
Flammable storage Final exit Locked Keep clear
Hotel fire doors Call point Hidden and blocked Assault course
Access and egress Confused Skip Ash tray
Fire escape doors Blocked escape route Induction Jamnagar
Fire exit bar Air intake Showtime Locked
Locked   Restricted Restricted access
Spot the fire exit Fire Risk Blocked and locked Fire exit
Blocked fire exits Blocked fire escape No way out Powder extinguisher
Blocked fire exit Fire safety Blocked stairs Inspection
Fire escape Blocked fire exit Exits blocked Blocked fire exit
School dinners British Standard Wedge Fire and Environment risk Explosion


Asbestos disposal Asbestos bonfire Leftovers  

Professional photographers

  Demolition - by Jon Wiseby Chantier - by Konhard    
Workers - by Twix Twister Concrete Mixer, Snapling - by Dria Peterson.   'put to put to put in der coole' - by F Pacilli Men at work -  Jim DeLillo.
Security at work by Carlos Paes Men at work by Betsy Leeuwner  Giving orders - by Matt Bowden. 'Working hard' - by Julie Elliott
Men on roof  - by Rene Cerney Construction 1 by Keith Syvinski Construction by Daniel Albiez 'Up on the roof' - by Julie Elliott
Scaffolding by Andy Steele Painting a mural by Jon Wisbey Home construction - slinging - by Garo Goodrow "Overloaded' - by Julie Elliott


Campaigns and lessons learned

"Absolute Shockers of the Week" and "Bodgey Scaffolds of the Week" -           Worksafe Australian State of Victoria
F a T a L Risks Campaign 2004  - HSE, UK
"Lessons Learned"  - The Lawrence Livermore National Labortory, USA


Working at height ppt - by Woodbutcher1 - ( right click and save as, 1.37mb)
Safety quiz  
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