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Photos of hazards in the workplace

Welcome to Safety Photo International (SPI), environmental photos, safety case law, books and jokes.


Introduction - The purpose of this web site is to provide free practical information and resources that might be helpful to qualified safety practitioners, not just in the UK but worldwide. It brings together in one place, photographs of hazards, poor working procedures and near misses in the workplace. Accidents and lessons learned from them will also feature from time to time. The material provided freely for this site is donated with permission by other safety professionals. Please note, this is not a site for funny safety photos, it does however demonstrate why liability insurance can be expensive for some individuals and companies.

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W. H. Heinrich's Domino Theory "The occurrence of an injury invariably results from a completed sequence of factors, the last one of these being the accident itself. The accident in turn is invariably caused or permitted directly by the unsafe act of a person and/or a mechanical or physical hazard." (W.H. Heinrich, Industrial Accident Prevention , 1931)

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