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Safety Photos of Hazards in the workplace  12/04/2015

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Sunday afternoon job Wobbly tower Window cleaners in Kensington  
Drips     Storage
Cradle to grave Pit access Sockets Fumes
Latch Guarded Pardon Housekeeping
Plant room access Edge Debris Boards
Body care Tight fit Qatar MEWP Heater
Climber Lead work No idea Sign removal
Switch Tractor ride Birds nest Sidewalk


Veritas Consulting Gavorchi Ebay  

 Spot the Hazard, mistake or difference

Find the hazards Picture Box Talk Spot the hazards Spot the Hazard's in the workshop
Spot the motorbike     Spot the site hazards
Spot the WAH hazards Find the hazards Woodworkers Identify the hazards
Spot the hazards Spot the Hazard's in the workshop Picture Box Talk Spot the roofing hazards


Bad hotels / shopping centres / mall
Cafe steps Shower grout Sunwing Hotel Protur Bonaire Hotel
 Bad shopping centre Hotel wall socket Art Cyprus
No PAT Hotel shower head Bad hotel Birmingham Hotel plug

Electrical safety

Buzz Fan Pump it up Nailed it
On Live light fitting Smelly Boss
Live tape Motor wiring Grinder Transformer
Chopped Overpass Melted Sellotape 
Fuse Generator plug Plugged Compressor wiring
Kabin Dominican garden Drip Royal shock
Electrical faults Bad connection Hidden danger Light fitting
Live electrics Earth Kettle lead Socket melting
Light show New boots Radio socket Generator socket
Power tool repair Floor box Tampered adaptor Strip light
Stuart Little Factory electrics Israel electrics Kitchen controls
Sidewalk Electrical hazards Cable repair Office electrics
Factory electrics Turkey electrical Texas electrical Car park
Dangerous theft Under desk Under desk Live fuse
Bucharest street wiring Carpenters box Cable blow and repair Strange PC connector
Bad connection Street sign Public socket Onsite electrics
Vehicle damage Emergency stop Cuba Parcel tape
Hotel Dubai Club electrics Hotel electrics Dubai electrics
Kitchen Electric shock Hong Kong Electrical tape
Bodge job Site electrics Switch cover Egypt
Live cable Strange electrics Travel plug Live
Failed HV cable Start switch Power line  Light cover
Foiled Grounded Screw Kitchen plugs
Waterproof Bodge job Cable connections 480 volt
Kitchen fitter Xmas fire hazard Water heater Switch-room
Corroded Melted Damaged cable Machine switch
Prague Trailing leads Extension leads Stolen copper
Bad wiring Exhibition Tingle Failed
Transformer Socket Broken drill Melted
Bouncy castle Tap Scales Armour cable
Makita saw Air conditioning Generator Bad connection
Video editing Corrosion Switchboard India Cut cable
Electrical overload Light fitting Confused Electrics and water
Switch room Electrical hazards Desk fan Electrical adaptor
Building electrics Exposed electrics Fuse box Soda machine
Electrical hazard Overloaded Extension lead Electric fan
Training room wall socket Misuse of grounding strap Pokhara Live working
Modified 3 pin plug electrical socket Frying tonight Weatherproof socket
Broken plug Melted extension lead Old wiring Cable reel 
3 pin plug Continental plug bodge Floor socket Mouse trap
Plug wiring IT department Poor reception Switchboard
Electrical socket Snake electrocution Streetlight Electrical hazard


Bad office
Bad workstation Cables DSE workstation Workstation
Tidy office Office electrics Tea time Cluttered office
Scorched chair Office air conditioning Very bad office Chocolate
Poor workstations 1 Poor workstations 2 Bad office fire escape Untidy office
Office shredder Office efficiency Bad office wiring Fire safety
Printer Kettle Bad office electrics Storage
DSE Leg room Storage areas Workstation
Housekeeping DSE workstation Good and bad office Welfare facilities
DSE Untidy office Untidy office 2 Office visit

Working at height

White goods Wine shop Window fitter Council workers
Bucket up Painting Amsterdam Tree trimming Level up
Photo of the year Spot the welder Step up Doha scaffold
Wedgie on the ledgie Tea up Snow ladder Conveyor arm
Croatia roofing Walking the walk Seafood platform Pole position
Air show Step back Blocks Loading truck
Gaffer tape Sunderland hotel Mixture Paint job
Whitby Bendy bus Good and bad Rain starts play
Sunderland Going up Big Mac Bucket
Traffic and WAH management Pallet and FLT Beaming Bucket sign
Scaffold Doha Standards Office steps Barmaid
Public house Doha family Claim time Scaffold collapse
Rung Plank Skylark Hot fall
Painter Tipped Grit your teeth Window cleaner London
Warehouse work Roof access Dominican hotel Spot the worker
Slippery Nuts Warehouse Caged worker
Render Homemade Tree trimming Happy
Ventilation Aerial Installer Think Safe Cyprus
Slippery when wet Belgravia Supermarket Christmas lights
Tree scaffold Tram shelter Elf at work Elf at height
High visibility Bucket harness Painter Sunderland
New windows Bridge sign Ladder inspection Tree surgery
Cavity insulation Twickenham WAH Teddington RSJ Teddington 2 companies
Unprotected 3 men on roof Russian bricklayer Putting up safety signs
Strange device Look up Rope work Air Malta
Sharm El Sheikh Self employed painter Solar panel fitters Damaged rungs
Open trench Hospital site Water bucket Knuckle Boom
Hotel worker Petrol station Preston Health shop
Tree decorations Sun lounger Singapore at height Sling
Gas station Rigger Chain blocks Flat wheels
Unsafe tower Loading bay Folding ladder Roof crawl
Free tickets Pink Harness use Crane blocks
Scaffold faults Chairman Maintenance man Loading bay
Site safety Power fall Ladder access Site access
Overhead Street magic Mill invention Bucket painter
Chimney scaffold Homemade Overloaded Sky walker
Work platform Waiting time Restoration work Pipe work
Greece Managers steps Shipyard scaffold Tree Surgeon
Market chaos Line dancing Line 5 Auto shop
Church roof Framers Contraption Sky hook
Scaffold erection Scissors Ladder gate Fool protection
Air conditioning House scaffold Small shop Jumping Jack
Sidewalk Cone Edge fund Ladder use
Changi Airport MEWP hire Shop fitter Step ladder office
Pattaya electrician Sydney CBD Flue installers Decorations
Render Trolley Chair Glass replacement


Shopping harness Balance on steps Shop Birmingham Lying down
Grinding Mill Milk crates King's scaffold Falling objects
Man Cage Zanzibar scaffold Hotel window cleaner Air conditioning repair
Church Algarve Ladder work Go large On the roof
Plymouth Catastrophic Fragile roof Missing workers
Teaser Hop up Roof Washing Bingo
School safety Manchester 1 Ashington Heathrow
Folding ladder Discuss scaffolds USA Window cleaners Asia WAH Singapore
Crane climbing Goa Roof washer Suspended
Winch Decorations Hand rail Hong Kong steps
Hong Kong tower Hotel Bangkok Fragile roof Ramps
Motel California Gutter Shaky SUV Hotel Lisboa
Marathon Hotel Singapore Conservatory Air con engineer
Sat Spade EWP Home made hoist Chain Block
Luxor Ships window cleaner Gaffer tape Tenerife
LadderPort Turkey France Hole in one
M50 Dublin Seafood Ireland Container climber Secret link
WAH Texas Roofer next door Aerial installer Loader
2 flue over Roofing job Hotel Tunisia Hoist Tunisia
Hotel Georgia St Martin On the edge Tenerife roof beams
Building site Russia Construction Russia Climbing Russia Unfolded steps
Testing AYA Access Crate
FLT and ladder Roofing fall protection Western Australia Walking the planks
Indian charm Gap Tradesmen Ladder repair
Newcastle Guardrails Footing ladder Scaffold assembly
Nice view Spot the bridge Welder at height Vilanova
Greek hotel Hands in pockets Yellow bucket Flashing
Bangkok heights Bangkok boss Leaning tower Homemade
Climbing Garden chair Pole dancing Wooden pallets
Pylon Chainsaw Thailand Roofers on ladder
String Ladder position Handrails Circus act
Overloaded Unprotected opening Forklift, pallet and ladder Wet working
Bricks Home made Sightseeing Balance
Gutter cleaning Fall protection Cyprus Competence
Bricklayer Strops Drywall fixer Step ladder use
Brussels Roofer Steel erector Madison
Guardrail Derrick Jersey Cladding scissors
Roofer Medical Centre Leg over Sand blasting
Scaffold Egypt Scaffold India Top rung Parma
Survey Scaffold USA Internal fall protection Gutter cleaning
Climbing Roofer Malaysia Scaffold access Concrete pour
Balance FLT cage Ladder access Crane WAH
Landing area Ibiza Climbing frame Villa
Pirate scaffold Roof meeting Timber house Walkway
Access Ancient man Cyprus Football
Bamboo scaffold Scaffold Prague What happens next? RTA 2
T&E Crane Solutions Edge protection Greece Workplatform
Safety sign Norway France Roof ladders
Benidorm Podium hazards Shop front Apple Store
Window installers Scaffolding Bobcat Wranglers Cherry picker
Sun and fall protection Unstable scaffold Roof top Fork lift cage
Phots di sicurezza Guard rails Pendulum Bogey tower
Signs Edge protection Landscaper Bobcat
Portable scaffold PFP Rigger Scaffold collapse
Sign erectors Construction site Thailand Wooden support German roofers
Unfinished scaffold Balancing act Scaffold platform Turkey
Throwing from height (album)
Throwing from height (updated)
Cowboys Fall protection Tea break
Thailand scaffold Crazy gang Scaffold Italy Croatia
On the edge Scaffold base plate(2) Edge protection Access
Working at height (Holiday snaps from Mexico) Florida Forklift access platform Missing boards
DIY scaffold  (If its not, its even more of a worry) Tower scaffold Working platform Twin Towers
Scaffold base plates Roofer on new house Tower crane Edge protection
Working at height  (removing render) Scrap Lunch time Access and egress
Security fence  (How not to cover excavation) Apartment Bent Work platform
Chimney liner  (How not to fit flue liner) Unsecured load What next Bodgey ladders
Bodgey scaffold  (an insult to professional tradesmen) Cherry picker in Iraq China WAH Tenerife
Safety Barrier Fixing the television Guard rail Dubrovnik
2 men on roof Madeira Harness Crane incident Cardiff
Climbing the ladder House scaffold Spot the guardrails Trestle safety
Balcony - Spain Moving furniture Construction site Prague safety
Scaffolding in Dubai Leaning tower Greece No fall protection
Scaffolding in Austria JCB platform Hill top Roof work
Scaffold Scotland Hazard Tape Creative scaffolding Dubai WAH Hong Kong scaffold
Scaffolding Scotland 3 Amigos                   Strange scaffold Farm safety
Farm Roof Moov over                  Tree surgeon Misty morning   
Wobbly hoist and scaffold Tree ladder                Platform Roofing
Throwing Another Slater's scaffold Changi Propane lift
Neighbour Flat roof Maintenance at height Poster
Warehouse roof Gas fitters ladder and scaffold Edge protection Roof tiles
Window fitters UPVC fitters Crete Wobbly ladder on roof
London scaffold Scaffolding in the South East England Scaffold London Slater's scaffold and Scaffold and skip
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Committed Toe job Wobble Vanpersons
Tyred Free ride Window seat Times up
Overloaded Webbing Duck Loading
Sidestep Trucks in Angola Machine collapse Wheel spin
Load security Tip over Parking brake Tractor seat
Livestock transport FLT attachment Counter balancing Ogling
Ditched Loading Utility vehicle Knots
Dead weights Drop in Loader washing Peru
Outriggers Bucket ride Loading Roof rack
Taxi Cairo Transformers Baldy
Sand Home delivery Ivanhoe Chained
Rollover Overloaded Loading Trucks 1
Recovery vehicle Toyota  Landcruiser Komatsu Hiab
Ladder rack Child seat Columbian incident MEWP
Irrigation ditch Tractor accidents FLT fire Catastrophe
Tanker driver Asleep at the wheel Fuel cap Cemetery
Trucks Reversing ROPS Plough


    Face mask Stapled
Muff  Spot the PPE PPE storage Woodwork dust
Dermatitis RPE storage Eye wash Eye wash
Gloves High vis Noise, traffic and dust High Visibility
Frayed Concrete boots Upside down PPE storage
PPE signs Boot repair Hard hat No Personal Protective Equipment
PPE storage Boots Strimmer Bali PPE
Defective PPE Safety shoes Dust Welding PPE


Fire 1
    Scooter Extract cleaning
Fire hydrant Fat mattress Doll Hot Work
Manchester fire High fire Tidy China Town
Safe Blocked and wedged Hotel callpoint Farm shop
Eating out Sealed shut Toaster Fire extinguishers
Pine fire exit Extinguisher placement Escape route storage Good neighbour
Gas tester HTC Charger explosion Do not block Warehouse
Cutter fire Basement Trap Hidden equipment
Locked exit Fire hose Missing Fire hazards
Security Battery explosion Charging explosion Combustible material
Fire sign Doorstep Fire Extinguisher Explosion Office exit
Fantasy exit Gym Combination lock Blocked fire escape
Fire door wedge Ships fire Hot cylinders Hotel Montana
Melted Emergency access Break glass Door wedge
Exit up/down Fire training Emergency roof exit Gas installation
Handrail Fuel drum Farm fire 2 Farm fire 1
Acetylene bottle Stolen hose Battery charger Emergency only
Hospital escape route Auto fire doors Fire exit Safety signs
FRA Car fire Cheap Conference hotel

Window Cleaners

  Santa cleaning windows Commercial window clean Window cleaning
Window cleaner Sprinkler room Window cleaners Asia Window and ledge clean
Window cleaner Window cleaner   Window cleaners In the road
ADAO Asbestos Asbestos bag Snowballs Fuse holder
  Asbestos lagging Asbestos wall plug Asbestos packing

People at work and equipment

    Demolition Spain Motor support
Permit to work Sore foot Tool box Fencing
Psittacosis Stupid grin Fantastic Tail Lift
Updates 30-06-2013 Updates 23-07-2013 High visibility  Substance and food
Storage area Gas and substance storage Compressor guard By Pass
Safety photo of the year 2012 Recycle Dust and noise Death on the bench
Site inspection Site security Scratch this Site security
Entrenched Council road workers Entry permit Hot foot
Waste Vietnam Dumpster Bricklayers Gas escape
Strange step 1st Aid Cable management Pillar drill
Struggling Tanzani Plymouth Supplier responsibility
Knife sharpener Training equipment Open trench Unloading dumper
Drum spillage Welfare High wind Supermarket access
Hot work Bad parking Missing guard Loading dock
Sun protection Gas cylinder test Cut cylinders Gas store
Cement truck Paint store Bad position Confined space hazards
Heated handrail Footpath Signs of the times Site induction
Yard housekeeping Chemical storage Pile trips Drying room
Air con lock out DIY hammer Coke delivery Conveyor guarding
Gas storage Turkish construction Bad rigging Bad rigging 2
Head room Corrosive store Chemical store Poster
Spill Kit Cabin steps Lock out Submerged
Prop pins Barricades Gas storage Trench
Excavation Gates Band saw guard Dust Italy
Fallen fencing Site fencing Scissors Site welfare
Moon walk Jellystone Power press Manual press
Ships hose Respirable dust Crane accident Hammers
Parkway 666 Overloaded Slip matt
Lonely cone Manchester airport Confined space sign Office tour
Housekeeping Safety latches Brickwork Tenerife Excavation protection
Sprocket Skip Footpath Paint shop storage
Thinking Obstructed Site access Wildlife
Spillage Saw bench Stacking Stairwell
Cabinet Bund Supermarket Chain blocks
Housekeeping London Air ambulance Wind farm 1 Wind farm 2
Trip Public access Gas cylinder Grouters
Excavations Pub cellar Trench Bench grinder
Open knife Ball cock 00 yards Pallet collapse
Rat killer Unsafe access Bad storage Carpet warehouse
Blocked exit Storage and housekeeping Nigel Gas storage
Coil lifter Telly Crane Ladder storage
Belvoir Safety Services 1 Belvoir Safety Services 2 Belvoir Safety Services 3 KEE Safety Group
Tipper Hammer China construction site China asbestos
Access and egress Ice Poor stacking Trinity beach
Shovel Camp site Forklift 1 Dead horse
MSDS Pit stop Inspection Site audit
Bad design - handrail Welding screen Rockhammer Housekeeping
Loading digger CAT Bad street works Open site
Abandoned Welder Builders housekeeping Pallet storage
Spillage Guarding Brake cable Trench box
Hazard to the public Base plate Lorry driver Chemical spray
FLT tip over FLT rollover Sports centre security    Site lift
Tanker storage Housekeeping Tracked excavator Encapsulation
Eye wash Site welfare facilities Walk the plank Site access
Bad housekeeping Storage Airport Construction Workshop hazards
Dumper passenger Gas bottles Renovation mess Confined space
Workplace inspection Hitch hiker Manhole Overloaded
RTA Restricted egress Signals Playground
The Rack Group - Forklift incident 2   Bund Housekeeping Chemical storage
The Rack Group - Forklift incident 1  The Rack Group - Collapsed Racking  Tower storage Van access
Car paint Seat Sunny Bay Yahoo
Wired for Safety - Singapore Spill kit Alcohol in the workplace Aqaba
 DeWalt Excavator incident 2 Off the back of a lorry Safety officers wife
Table saw Telehandler Storage Leaking boiler
What the road crew left behind Excavator incident Safety Signs Teamwork
Railtrack Managers Roadside fencing Gas connections Truck accident
Hazards in the works kitchen.  Roadworks Excavation Franklin Punch
Unloading skip loader Outside shop in Prague Street works RIP
Bad workshop Lorry driver parking Stone Mason Lifting hook
Boatyard Safety Road works in Malta Inspection Poor stacking
  Tiling Safety Lighting up Manhole cover
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