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Safety Case Law

This section of safetyphoto is for reference to criminal and civil law cases that have some relation to workplace health and safety.


This section  will not concentrate on what is happening in the courts on a daily basis, but more on what is relevant for students and advisors in health and safety. The cases featured will mainly be from the UK, although it does not exclude cases from other parts of the world and may well be included for comparison.
Some cases may not reflect the law or precedents as it stands today. It may be incomplete, and some provisions may have been, superseded, repealed or amended, and new ones inserted. It is up to you the reader to double check the facts as you would all reference material. I will of course indicate and add links as required.

A Few Notes

  • For up to date prosecutions and notices, go to HSE website.
  • Please note I do not give advice or consultation on any aspect of criminal or civil law.
  • For discussion on case law, youu should use HSfB
  • Safety Consultants can be found on the links page