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Wanted for this section, fire risk assessments display screen equipment, (DSE) and manual handling assessments

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Free Risk Assessment Forms


These risk assessment forms are examples of what is being used in the workplace. The purpose of this section is not to criticise, audit or review individual risk assessments but to give others an opportunity to see different types of assessment being used in UK workplaces. If there is interest in seeing examples of completed risk assessments and enough are submitted, I will add in to Link 

Last additions 25/6/05


Please note, you will have to check validity of any references made on any of these forms, some of the forms may be old, some come from unknown sources, if you use them its up to YOU to check they are suitable and they comply with the law.

Examples of Risk Assessment Forms - blank

Risk Assessment download instructions

Microsoft Word and Excel. How to download - Right click on link to save to disc/drive

Adobe PDF




The original risk assessment form from the HSE can be downloaded from here - Five steps to risk assessment  Adobe PDF file

Risk assessment

Example in word (on its way)


Adobe PDF file

Brickwork risk assessment


Risk assessment

A straight forward, form with controlled risk rating section

Risk Assessment Blank 1


Risk assessment

Manual handling risk assessment

Risk matrix


Risk assessment

A form ideal for line managers :)

Risk Assessment Blank 2


Risk assessment

Lone working risk assessment

Risk matrix chart


Risk assessment

Complete guide in a form, this form is in regular use

Risk Assessment Blank 3


Risk assessment

Maternity risk assessment form



Risk assessment

Guidance and form, this form is in regular use

Risk Assessment Blank 4




Risk assessment

This form is in Excel,  its not as complicated as it looks, plenty of guidance and easy to complete. Toolbox talk included

Risk Assessment Blank 5


Risk assessment

Fire risk assessment blank

Risk assessment

Toolbox talk, risk assessment


Risk assessment

Fire risk assessment form

Risk Assessment Blank 6


Risk assessment

Risk Assessment Blank 7a

Risk Assessment Blank 7b

Risk Assessment Blank 7c


Risk assessment

Risk Assessment Blank 8a

Risk Matrix

Risk Assessment Blank 8b


Risk assessment

Risk Assessment Blank 9


Risk assessment

with built in calculations, plenty of opportunity for modification.

Risk Assessment Blank 10



Job Survey Analysis

Links to online forms;

OHSW - forms main page

OHSW - risk assessment

The University of Edinburgh




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