Suspect/Counterfeit Items-Another Finding

June 6, 2001 

Laboratory employees are becoming increasingly alert to the appearance of suspect/counterfeit items. In our most recent occurrence, a new trash tray and cable assembly were ordered directly from a vendor by Plant Engineering's "Labour Only" group. When the material came in, the trash tray was found to be alright but when the box containing the cable assembly was opened, it was clear the assembly was a suspect/counterfeit item (C/SI). The picture below shows the cable assembly.

Several characteristics made it obvious that the assembly was not an approved part.

  • The master link and hooks were painted red but did not have "Crosby" stamped on the parts. The red colour is a proprietary feature of Crosby parts.

  • The parts were not stamped with the characteristic numbers and letters that would have indicated the part was approved by U.S. industry standards.

  • A copper electrical butt-splice had been used to attach the cable to the eyehooks. Copper is not an approved metal for this application.

Since there was no indication that the parts had been subject to regulated, rigorous testing, the weight limits that were stamped on the master link and the eye hooks could not be relied on to provide the needed safety.

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Copies of Crosby Shackles, seems to be an ongoing problem.

December 2004

It has come to light while inspecting shackles in West Africa that several copies of Crosby Shackles have been introduced to the marketplace. These shackles are NOT up to the quality standards of RRC-271D and it is recommended they be immediately removed from service.

Cosby shackle FAKE

        Crosby Shackle                                                                      Fake

The points to look for in deciding whether you have a Crosby Shackle or a copy are:
On the face, (a) the Crosby Name should be embossed as per the Crosby Logo, (b) The CE mark should appear along
with (c) markings of the 45 degree angles On the rear of the shackle should appear 2 different groupings of IDs (3 for Belgium manufacture) providing full traceability of the shackle. The pin should also be stamped (d) on the head with a traceable ID number.


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