Brush Wires Puncture Paint Remover Can

An aerosol can on a workbench was accidentally punctured when particles from a brushing operation flew across the bench and struck a pressurized can containing flammable paint remover. The technician, at another laboratory, was in the process of removing paint from a large hook in preparation for a magnaflux inspection, (figure 1 below). When the worker started brushing the hook with the power brush a particle projected across the table striking and puncturing the can (figures 2 and 3) about 1 inch up from the base. This caused the contents to violently spew from the can while it spun wildly on the bench. The liquid sprayed the employee around his head, shoulders and back. The employee moved quickly to the wash basin in the shop and thoroughly rinsed himself off. This action along with the protection of his PPE (safety glasses, hard hat and shirt) contributed to the employee experiencing only slight chemical burns on the upper portion of his body.

This unexpected puncture of an aerosol can could have resulted in a very extensive and serious burn injury had the contents ignited as it spewed from the can and the employee become engulfed in a cloud of fire.

Recommended Action 
When conducting work that could generate flying metal particles, make sure that aerosol cans or other pressurized vessels are moved away from the immediate work area, or are placed in an appropriate storage area or locker

Note: I have come across similar incidents with wire brushes, the strands will come off and in-bed themselves in all sorts of things and they do like flesh! but its not just the strands, particles fly off at a considerable speed from all sorts of grinding and brushing operations.
Typical speed ranges for electric hand held grinders and brushes are between 6,000 to 15,200 rpm. Notice fig 2 is air powered and often have a lower rpm operating speed - and still had an impact.

Q. So what is the flying speed of the particles?

The Bench

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Brush in use

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The punctured can

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